Privateers Get Help For Spring Creek National

May 30, 2007 9:27am

Pit Support For The Dedicated Racer By Equally Dedicated Fans

Minneapolis, MN - Promoto Backers announces pit support availability for privateers working without assistance at the Spring Creek  AMA Toyota Championship Motocross event August 11 & 12, 2007.

Starting at this year’s Spring Creek AMA motocross event, dedicated fans will get the opportunity to have a stake in fulfilling the dreams of privateers. As a licensed professional motocross rider, making the main program on Sunday afternoon has many responsibilities. While tackling these responsibilities alone is often a daunting task, it would be nice to have someone there to help out. Friends and family cannot always fill the bill of attending these events with the racer and that is where the ProMoto Backers program steps up to the plate. 
Promoto Backers is a non-profit program that brings screened and instructed individuals with a professional presentation to support privateers during the execution of their program. Founder Brian Barnes had this to say about the program, “Our volunteers are there to help clean equipment, get lunch, find needed parts, take lap times, work the pit board, make notes on track conditions, cheer the rider on and then pat them on the back when it’s all said and done. Basically, we’re there to support them in any way we can and make their day as smooth as possible”.  All services are free to riders entered in the qualification process at the Spring Creek AMA Toyota Motocross event. Brian goes on to say, “We’re just good people who love the spirit of competition, the struggle privateers are willing to put up and the great sport of motocross.”

Additionally, those interested in leading similar programs in host communities on the national AMA motocross tour are also encouraged to inquire.

For those willing to offer their services to the PROMOTO BACKER program in support of a struggling privateer or for privateers seeking assistance or additional information, please contact Brian Barnes at 612-308-6037 or email at

PROMOTO BACKERS – “Fans making a difference in the working class of professional motorcycle racing”