Red Bull X-Fighters at Slane Castle

May 21, 2007 11:59am

On May 26, historical Slane Castle, Ireland will host the 2nd Red Bull X-Fighters Freestyle Motocross contest in 2007. Mega bands like U2 and The Rolling Stones have played here, now the FMX superstars are more than eager to rock the crowd and the new track set-up at Slane Castle.

Rock ‘n’ roll meets freestyle motocross at the famous location of Slane Castle in Ireland. At the second out of four Red Bull X-Fighters tour stops (Mexico City this March, Moscow, June 30 and Madrid, July 27) ten of the world’s most respected and renowned FMX athletes will gather for a massive fight to become the “High King” on two wheels.

Several thousand live spectators will witness an adrenaline-loaded evening combining the roaring engines of the FMX superstars on their 250ccm bikes with the rock ‘n’ roll attitude and electric guitars of music acts including Ash, The Blizzards, Director and Afro Celt Sound System.

When the world’s best FMX riders start their engines, Slane Castle with its natural amphitheatre will be transformed into a modern Celtic battleground. A spectacular FMX track set-up with different dirt take-off options and landing faces is bound to pose some exciting new challenges for the riders as well as give spectators even more breathtaking perspectives.

The “High King” will be the one to tackle the new course with difficult tricks, creativity and style in a head-to-head challenge. A job for legendary Travis Pastrana (USA)? Well, winner of this year’s Mexico City event Dany Torres (ESP) is expected to come up with another set of big tricks while Swiss Mat Rebeaud (1st, Mexico City 2006) still suffers a training backlog due to a recent broken femur. Aussie FMX superstar Robbie “Maddo” Maddison (2nd, Mexico City 2007) has definitely got the skills and guts to hit the podium again, too. Slane will also feature some new riders: French kid Charles Pagès has some impressive tricks, including all of the flips. Also, US newcomer Jeremy Lusk gets his first opportunity at a major event. However, Pastrana will remain the one to beat.

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Slane Castle rider line-up:
Robbie Maddison / Honda / Australia
Travis Pastrana / Suzuki / USA
Mat Rebeaud / KTM / Switzerland
Ronnie Renner / KTM / USA
Eigo Sato / Yamaha/ Japan
Dany Torres/ KTM / Spain
Charles Pagès / Suzuki / France
Jeremy Lusk / Yamaha / USA
Sebastian “Busty” Wolter / Suzuki / Germany
Romain Izzo / Yamaha / France

Reserve riders:
Alvaro Dal Farra / KTM / Italy and Gary Taylor / KTM / Great Britain

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