Concept2 Rower Helping Racers With Their Workouts

May 16, 2007 7:59am

Concept2 has been a world leader in the manufacturing of indoor rowers for over 30 years. Although the company’s roots are based in on water, competitive rowing, the indoor rower has become widely known for providing a terrific total body workout to anyone regardless of age or ability.
As the world of motocross and other high output sports has become increasingly competitive, top riders and athletes have been turning to the Concept2 Indoor Rower for their strength and cardio workouts - finding that the rowing motion works all major muscle groups through a wide range of motion while also helping to build a strong cardio base.
Recently, Concept2 has become aware of many racers who have been using the Concept2 Indoor Rower for everything from warming up before motos to full-on hardcore workouts. For more information check out Concept2’s website at  or email Greg Hammond at . Greg will be able to answer any questions about the indoor rower and how to use it for specifically for motocross training.

Travis Pastrana on his Concept2 Rower.