Michael Willard's Reward

May 1, 2007 3:53pm | by:

We received this note from Paul Dean after he read today's interview with Michael Willard:

My name is Paul Dean (PD441 on MotoTalk). I'm the one responsible for collecting the funds for Rupert's Two-Stroke dealio. I just read Danny Brault's interview with Michael Willard and it sounds like there is some misinformation out there. I think at one point, the PLEDGED amount was $3,700 (including Hammertime's $1,000). As you can imagine, pledges and actual collections are more than likely to be different. I can tell you, at this moment, I have collected $3,186. We did the collecting through Paypal, which charges a small fee per transaction. The amount is still rising as the contributions are still trickling in so I don't have an exact amount yet but we will be handing Michael Willard at least $3,100 this Saturday in the pits in Las Vegas.

Paul Dean