Bobby Bonds Update

April 18, 2007 6:51am | by:

We received this note from Jason Reed at WORCS Racing

Bobby Bonds is okay. CCR/Bakersfield Yamaha/Maxxis backed rider Bobby Bonds took a nasty spill in the creek section at Honey Lake this past weekend. Initial reports were back and rib injuries, but I just got off the phone with Team Owner/Manager Derek Gerecke and this is what he had to say.

"Bobby is fine, we took him to Susanville Hospital late Sunday afternoon. He had a Cat Scan and x-rays, both were negative and he was released shortly after that. He is sore and has a serious gash in his back but other than that he is good. Without a doubt, we were all worried because of the impact Bobby took in the creek section. Bobby's a tough kid and has had harder spills then this in the past, we'll be back for Los Olivos"

Owner Sean Reddish and Honolulu Hills track owner Darin Layton from Taft were first on scene. Layton was directly in front of him and witnessed the whole thing. Layton reported Bobby was setting up to come down through the creek section and before he new it Bobby clipped a rock, swapped, went over the bars and slammed. Layton said he didn't even have time to react. By the time Reddish arrived, he was able to get responses from Bonds and stay with him until the track EMT's arrived while Layton routed the Pro class around.

Bonds has had worse crashes, in fact unfortunately for Bobby his AMA career ended early after multiple injuries. First he suffered a crash in a test session at the Factory Kawasaki track in 2002 when he was aboard Mitch Payton's Split Fire team and another horrific get off at Anaheim 1 in 2003. Bobby had to double a triple section as a rider was down, before he new it he took a direct impact to the back as another rider was tripling in. Bobby then made his way over to WORCS off-road in 2005 and secured a couple of wins, then struggled last year with KTM. I had spoke with Bobby at the beginning of the season and he was happy to be with the new CCR team (Central Cal). Derek Gerecke a company owner in Bakersfield approached Bobby, made the deal and it was good to go. Bobby will be back strong for Round #6. Bobby currently sits 10th in points in the 2007 WORCS Pro tour. His sponsors include CCR/Bakersfield Yamaha/Maxxis Tires/AXO/Independant Suspension Race Shop/Works Connection/Torco/One Industries/Fasst Co./GPR/LA Sleeve/AP Brakes/Big Gun.