Urban Supercross: The Only Backyard SX Track

March 27, 2007 10:56am

Franklin, WI March 28, 2007 – Where can I ride? This is the question almost every rider has asked. Now the answer is your own backyard! With the Urban Supercross you can design and make your own Supercross obstacles right at home. 

You have the mini dirt bike, you have the gear, now the only thing missing is the track. You could drive hours away to find a track, pay those high gate fees and spend hours running miles after your child to make sure they are safe, all while dodging the bigger bikes on the track. Stop all that now with Urban Supercross. Build your own Supercross track in your backyard with this exceptionally light weight, incredibly sturdy, interlockable polyethylene ramps and decks. Assemble table tops, double and triple jumps or any combination you wish. From wider to longer obstacles it’s all up to you, and all this in the privacy and safety of your own yard.

Instruct your child in proper riding techniques and have them learn at their own pace without having to worry about them being run over by other riders. Use it as a teaching tool for correct body position, jumping and developing each rider’s skill level. All this while riding in a safe and controlled environment.

You can find more information, purchase or watch the mini infomercial at the web site www.urbansx.com.

You can also find the hottest gift this past Christmas Supercross The Home Version board game at www.supercrossthehomeversion.com 

If you company is interested becoming a retailer for Urban Supercross or Supercross The Home Version please visit our web site at either www.urbansupercross.com, www.dwhenterprise.com or www.urbansx.com 

Urban Supercross is manufactured by DWH Enterprise located in Franklin, WI and is a copyrighted, patented and trademarked product. For more information please visit www.dwhenterprise.com