"Generation Fast" Races On To The Video Market

March 20, 2007 6:47am
Matt Crown, team member and mechanic to world famous Travis Pastrana, has just released “Generation Fast”, a one-of-a-kind instructional video that focuses on the young 50cc motocross racer. Crown, owner of MCR Suspension & Performance and Matt Crown Motocross Racing Schools, provides expert training to help kids build their basic riding skills.

“I believe one of the best opportunities to train a motocross racer is when he or she is just getting started in the 50cc class”, Crown says. “Teaching them the proper way to race while they are young will give them the advantage as they grow with the sport”.

From beginners to experts, young riders will develop and improve the necessary techniques needed to be competitive on the motocross track. Crown covers everything from proper riding gear to bike set-up to important safety issues on and off the track. Racers will learn correct body positioning, techniques for proper braking, and skills for effective acceleration.

Best of all, Travis Pastrana himself will pop in throughout the video to offer valuable advice and tips he’s learned coming up the ranks in the competitive world of motocross racing!

“Generation Fast” was produced by Fahrenheit Pictures, a Michigan-based video production company. Videos are available for purchase at www.generationfastdvd.com.
They will also be distributed to dealers through Impact Video Distributing at
www.videoxsports.com. For more information on Matt Crown, MCR Suspension, and Matt Crown Motocross Racing Schools, call 810-678-2617 or go to www.mcrsuspension.com.