250 Words: Orlando

March 18, 2007 7:27pm | by:
Of all the races to miss, Paul Lindsey missed this one. So when I got back to my hotel in Orlando, I called the PPG/MotoworldRacing.com Yamaha team manager at about one in the morning to congratulate him on Branden Jesseman’s stunning win. Needless to say, Lindsey was wide awake and still stuck to his laptop, chatting with friends, checking out pictures and posts and just checking again and again to see if it all really happened. So he started asking me about everything he could think of....

  • Yes, Paul, Branden won!
Did Branden really get knocked out on the start of the main, along with Ryan Sipes?

Did pre-race favorite Ryan Dungey really get knocked out by Matt Goerke, who was crashing across lanes?

Did another red flag came out and allow Brando, bike bent and body bleeding, to get back to the starting gate, even while Dungey couldn’t?

Did Jesseman get a great start second time around and pass Billy Laninovich fair and square?

Did Billy really blast back under a passing Ben Townley and knock the title contender down?

Did Jesseman almost blow it a couple of times in the whoops, then hold off a charging Mike Alessi to win his first race in four years?

Did my team just win a freakin’ supercross while I’m home listening to it on the Internet?

Yes Paul, on all of them. Congratulations. If you want me to call again after Indianapolis, no problem! But I have a feeling you will be in town for this one.