Atlanta Practice Report

February 24, 2007 1:29pm

 We're in the dirty south, and it's on. Almost too many stories to tell here, when you combine Reed's win last week with Stewart's chance to rebound, and Carmichael and Millsaps racing, and then all of the 250F East boys showing up. It's gonna be good.

Especially good is Stewart, who laid down a ridiculous 46.1 second lap to clearly establish himself as the fastest man in the game this afternoon. Carmichael clocked a 47.0 and Reed and 47.7. Ricky doesn't look like he's lost much after three races off, and he maintains that speed isn't the issue here, it's putting in 20 quality laps. He says the race will come down to what happens on lap 10 or lap 15.

Tim Ferry and Kevin Windham were next fastest.

As for the Lites class, it's so ridiculously stacked that it's almost impossible to pick out who is fast and who isn't. It's real close, but Matt Goerke clocked the fastest lap time of the second session. But look out for Ryan Dungey and the Monster/Pro Circuit tandemn of Darcy "Clubber" Lange and Ben Townley. Then you have the Honda boys, with Tommy Hahn on the factory bike and Laninovich and Sipes on Sobe No Fear/Samsung equipment. And Ryan Morias is Goerke's teammate on Yamaha of Troy and looks good, too. Oh, and the Alessi's! There are just too many people to make a call on the East race tonight, and that's going to make it good.

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