Ask Ping!

February 9, 2007 6:44am | by:

Hey Ping,
I want to know where you see motocross in 50 years, 100 years? I think about this all the time and I drive my self crazy. Where do you see it?
Luke Richards


Ping riding on the moon?

photo: Carl Stone

Dear Luke,

I think in 50 years I’ll probably see it on a television. Maybe it will be a higher-definition screen but I think most of us will still be sitting on a couch with our fists crammed into a bag of chips while we stare at a more technically advanced version of the boob tube. One hundred years? I probably won’t see it at all, though there’s a possibility that I will be frozen like Ted Williams and brought back long enough through the wonders of future science and technology to see The Moon win the Motocross des Nations.
     If you are talking about the future of the sport I don’t really have an answer for you; I’m not Miss Cleo. What we should be focusing on is your fixation with the future of the sport. They make medication for guys like you, Luke. Maybe head down to the doctors office and see what they can prescribe.

If you hadn’t ended up becoming a professional motocross racer, where do you think you would have ended up in life?

Ping is afraid of the flying monkeys

Dear Brandon,
I always fancied myself a businessman, but my high school guidance counselor disagreed. She thought I would have a successful career, according to my test scores, in either the professional falconry field or the custodial arts. Since I am deathly afraid of any type of flying animal—been that way since I saw those flying monkeys in The Wizard of Oz—I had my sights set on a successful, global corporation. And I was determined to clean their floors. But, call it providence or just dumb luck, I started winning dirt bike races and my life certainly took another path. Now I work in my own office and my floors are always shiny and the trash is always emptied. I’m living my dreams, pal.

Hi, my name is Shawn Kline and I love “Electric Ping” and it is always my first article that I read when I get the new RacerX. Anyhoo, when I watched the Phoenix Supercross on CBS sports and when DV12 went down hard in that rythem section, I thought that it was very strange to see a pro-supercross race be red flaged. So has a pro-supercross race ever been red flaged?
Shawn Kline. Prior Lake, MN

Dear Shawn,
Did you just use the term Anyhoo? I will have you know that I’ve gone to great lengths to copyright that catch-phrase and make sure, in no uncertain terms, that those rights are not infringed upon. You will be hearing from my high-powered lawyer very soon. If he sounds like me on the phone but with a slightly deeper tone, it isn’t me. Seriously, it’s my lawyer. I swear. Anyhoo, that isn’t the only problem with this letter. My column that you “love” so much is not called Electric Ping; it’s Electronic Ping. There’s a difference, though I’m not really sure what the difference is. Regardless, you will respect the column enough to call it by its proper name or you will get yet another call from my attorney, uh, Darnell Pintress. He’s a ruthless man and you don’t want to lock horns with him. Trust me on that.

The red flag has been flying a lot lately.

photo: Carl Stone

Now, the red flag situation has me scratching my head a bit as well. The last race that was red flagged was the San Diego SX last year where James Marshall was seriously injured. That was obviously worthy of a red flag. Then, DV knocks himself out in the middle of the track in the middle of a rhythm section in Phoenix—good time for a red flag. But when Kyle Mace and then Jake Weimer crashed at Anaheim I think they were just being ridiculous. Kyle walked away on his own power and Jake got up and restarted the main event! If that’s all you have to do to get a red flag I would’ve slid out in the first turn every time I got a bad start and forced them to give me another chance at the holeshot—old-school dirt track!
     I’m the first person to advocate rider safety but I think the guy with the red flag has been drinking to much Red Bull lately. Put the crimson flag down, twitchy fingers, and let the guys race as long as Doc Bodnar and crew can get to the men safely.