Springfield AX Results

AURORA, Ill., February, 2007 – The Toyota Arenacross rolled into Springfield, IL, for stop eight of the tour.  For the first time in several weeks, points leader Danny Smith and Robbie Reynard would have a chance to take on Brock Sellards.  Sellards has been racing in Pikeville and Louisville, KY while Smith and Reynard have been in Dayton, OH and Denver CO.  It was a difficult night for Reynard and his Honda with a bad start in the heat race and a challenging semi final before making the main.  In the main, Smith lined up with Arenacross regulars like Jim Neese, Kevin and Keith Johnson, Justin Buckelew, Brock Sellards and Reynard along with young guns like Cory Green, Travis Sewell, Vincent Blair and Teddy Maier. 

Off the start it was Vincent Blair’s Eternal Industries Suzuki that got the hole shot ahead of Teddy Maier, the Johnson brothers and Sellards.  Jim Neese crashed hard early while running in the top five.  Both Smith and Reynard had less then perfect starts finding themselves in the second ten.  To make matters worse, Brad Modjewski crashed collecting both Smith and Reynard.  Smith was able to get back up while Reynard had trouble doing so. 

Teddy Maier was able to pass Blair early in the event and went on to win his first ever Arenacross Main Event.  Both of the Johnson brothers finished on the box with Kevin 2nd and Keith 3rd.

Jim Neese won the Lites main ahead of Cory Green and Kurtis Mccabe.

Toyota AMA Arenacross Main Results

1.                  Teddy Maier, Hon

2.                  Kevin Johnson, Yam

3.                  Keith Johnson, Yam

4.                  Vincent Blair, Suz

5.                  Matt Barnes, Hon


Toyota AMA Arenacross Lites Results

1.                  Jim Neese, Suz

2.                  Cory Green, Hon

3.                  Kurtis McCabe, Hon

4.                  Tyler Bright, Suz

5.                  Kidy Molitor, Hon

Toyota AMA Arenacross Points

     1.    Danny Smith (2) 285

     2.    Robbie Reynard (6)        266

     3.    Keith Johnson (2)           252

     4.    Kevin Johnson (2)           245

     5.    Chad Johnson (2)           237

     6.    Brock Sellards (4)          233

     7.    Teddy Maier (1)              215      

     8.    Matt Barnes                  202      

     9.    Justin Buckelew             195      

   10.     Jim Neese (1)                185

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