Kyle Chisholm Update

January 18, 2007 7:08am

January 17, 2007 – Team MotoSport Kawasaki rider Kyle Chisholm was not able to compete at the Phoenix round of the AMA Amp’d Mobile Supercross series this past Saturday. He was on the track during the second practice of the day when he crashed in the rhythm section just after the finish line.

“I was coming up on the double-triple-triple behind [Chris] Gosselaar, and he must have made a small mistake because he ended up casing the triple. By the time I saw what happened, I was already committed and I clipped him when I landed,” said Chisholm. “When I hit him, it just launched me – I bailed in the air and landed feet first into the face of the triple.”

Chisholm was checked on-site Saturday by the Asterisk Mobile Medical Unit and was seen by a doctor in Southern California on Monday. It was determined that Chisholm has a broken right heel and a severely bruised and swollen left heel. He flew home to Florida on Wednesday and will see Dr. Augustine later this week for a CT scan and to determine the next course of action.

“I may have to have surgery on my right heel after the swelling goes down, which will hopefully be in a week or so,” continued Chisholm. “We’ll know more after I get the CT scan in Florida.”