Grand Rapids Arenacross Results

January 8, 2007 6:16am


Brock Sellards finishes first again in Grand Rapids
Kevin Markwardt places first in AMA Lites North

AURORA, Ill., January 6, 2007 –  Night two of the Toyota AMA Arenacross Series in Grand Rapids, Mich., continued for another action-packed night. Matt Barnes grabbed the holeshot but was unable to hold onto the lead as Brock Sellards passed Barnes on lap 10 and held on for the win. Barnes ended up in third, because in the final turn Teddy Maier picked up and placed second.

Kevin Markwardt found himself in the lead after a bad start during the middle of the race and grabbed first in the Lites event. Travis Hodges also got in the mix during the last couple of laps, finishing second behind Markwardt. Brad Modjewski, who took the holeshot, placed third.

Toyota AMA Arenacross Main Results

1.                  Brock Sellards, Honda

2.                  Teddy Maier, Honda

3.                  Matt Barnes, Honda

4.                  Vincent Blair, Suzuki

5.                  Casey Hinson, Suzuki

Toyota AMA Arenacross Lites Results

1.                  Kevin Markwardt, Honda

2.                  Travis Hodges, Honda

3.                  Brad Modjewski, Yamaha

4.                  Patrick Massie, Kawasaki

5.                  Nick Vaughn, Kawasaki

Toyota AMA Arenacross Points

     1.    Danny Smith (2)             143

     2.    Keith Johnson (2)           115

     3.    Chad Johnson                111

     4.    Robbie Reynard (2)        108

     5.    Brock Sellards (1)            97

     6.    Teddy Maier                    94

            Greg Schnell                    94

     8.    Matt Barnes                    93

     9.    Justin Buckelew               91     

    10.    Kevin Johnson                 90

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