BBMX signs DNA Energy Drink as title sponsor for the 07' US Supercross Series

January 4, 2007 8:36am

DNA Energy Drink has signed on to join BTOSports as the title sponsor of the Butler Brothers Mx race team for the 2007 racing season.  DNA Energy Drink, based out of Pampano Beach, FL is one of the hottest new energy drinks on the market today.  DNA Energy Drink was created by athletes and artists who had a common goal… to develop a great tasting, effective energy drink.  With this in mind, ingredients were designed to tap into the seven energy sources in your body to maximize energy and awareness but still have a great taste.  "There are many, many energy drinks on the market today, but I can say that DNA is arguably the best energy drink I have ever tasted.  You have to try it and see for yourself, it is that good!" says team assistant team manager Karsten Butler. 

Not only is the taste of DNA Energy Drink through the roof, but so are the people and values behind it.  DNA has become a leader in the Florida Surf and Wakeboard markets and have taken that same sports knowledge and brought into the sport of motocross.  They're grass roots approach brought them directly to Florida's largest Professional Supercross/Motocross race team and more specifically, the Butler Brother's themselves.  "We had many opportunities to work with lots of different riders and race teams, but the family value and true hard work ethic of the Butler Brother's, Forrest, Karsten & Brandon, was just a no brainer for us.  Not only are they from Florida, but they also bring every value to the table that is most important to DNA Energy Drink as a company.  They came from an average racing family, became the first three brothers in history to be actual AMA Licensed Pro Supercross racers at the same time and then essentially hand built what we consider to be one of the Premier Supercross/Motocross race teams in the World.  We are more than excited to be involved with both the BBMX team and the sport of Supercross", says DNA Energy Drink co/founder Mel Leiner. 

The official title name of the team will be the DNA Energy Drink / BTOSports / BBMX race team.  "The signing of DNA Energy Drink as the teams title sponsor is a big jump for our race team.  Energy drinks are a must for our generation and they are the future as well.  We as a team are more than excited to be involved with what we feel is one of the most impressive energy drinks out there.  With the combination of DNA Energy Drink and BTOSports, plus our rider line up for the 07' season, our team is going to be a force to be reckoned with all year long.  We already had 3 riders in the 450 class main event in Vancouver, which was more than any other team out there, including the factories.  The addition of DNA Energy Drink is going to make us even stronger come Anaheim 1, I just can't wait for the fans to see it all!” says team owner Forrest Butler.   

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