New Offroad Print Publication in Pennsylvania

January 3, 2007 11:22am

Rec Rider
January 3, 2007

Motorcycle Racing Action (MRA), a newsprint publication that has covered amateur motocross, harescramble and flat track racing in AMA District 6 since 1996 announced today that they will be expanding their current publication to offer a dedicated “Recreational Off – Road Riding” Section beginning with their February 2007 edition. This section will be known as “Rec Rider” and the eventual goal is to become a stand alone publication by the end of 2007.

Owner and Publisher Jim Bull assures us that MRA will continue to offer the same top notch race coverage that they have become known for by their loyal reader base. MRA is the official publication of the MDRA Race Series, The Ultimate MX Series and the PA State Harescramble Series.

Rec Rider like MRA will become the print source that ATV and Motorcycle riders can turn to when they are looking for current and accurate information on the sport that they love. Rec Rider will offer Off – Road event coverage such as 2007 Quad Fest and the Tour de Forest among others. Rec rider will talk about safety and legal issues, Rec Rider will have product information and technical advice, they will list riding and club information, they will keep you up to date on the Off – Road scene in PA and the surrounding regions. 

Given the fact that the recreational segment of the sport has grown to astronomical numbers, especially in the ATV Ranks, Mr. Bull feels that the time is right and the need is there for a publication to bring together the many aspects of Recreational Off – Road riding. We want to give the riders and the companies and organizations that they do business with a voice in the community.

For more information on getting your club or business in the pages of Rec Rider or to find out how you can subscribe, log onto their website at: