Your Collection

January 2, 2007 6:51am

Happy New Year Everyone,

Being the first Your Collection of 2007 I wanted to pick something special. So this morning I was scrolling through all of the submissions and this one pic caught my eye, because of the year of the photo, 1978. That’s the year that Robert and I started racing and I remembered how great our sport is at its simplest form. I noticed in the photo no spectators, no stickers on the bike helmet or jersey, no sponsor covered tuff blocks lining the track; just some simple banners and some duct tape on the visor. Also that look on Warren Reid’s face. That’s motocross. I wonder if the judges of the photo contest understood this side of the photo?

- Matt Davis

This week's collection comes from Kelly Skeen of Sandy, Utah:

"Here is a picture I took of Warren Reid back in the day. It was actually taken on Thanksgiving Day, 1978, at Saddleback Park. Warren was out practicing and I was shooting photos with my trusty Pentax K1000. I actually won a photo contest with this picture. I still love it and it has become part of my moto collection!"

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