Three Americans to Race in France This Weekend

December 13, 2006 6:17am
San Diego, CA - Dec. 13, 2006
Three Americans are going across the pond to race dirt bikes in France this weekend. It may not be the stars or the bikes that you may be thinking of though.
     American businessmen Dave Deringer (Sano Systems) and Alex McElyea (Red Baron Racing) along with Pro Arenacrosser Colt Humphrey (Sano) will be all traveling to France to race in the French version of the Mini Moto SX.
    All three riders will be on borrowed bikes from their respective distributors and Deringer and McElyea will be battling in the 12" amateur class, while Humphrey will compete in the 10" and 12" Pro classes.
    "I know that we are all looking forward to it and I am real excited to race Alex as well," Deringer commented. "I very rarely race here in the states and I talked to Alex's wife the other day and she says that he hasn't been riding pitbikes for quite a while."
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