FIM Changes for 2007

December 8, 2006 6:26am

December 8 

Motocross & SuperMoto World Championships

Motocross/SuperMoto GP Commission  

The Motocross and SuperMoto Grand Prix Commission, composed of the FIM/CMS representative Mr Wolfgang Srb, President of the Commission, the Youthstream representative Mr Giuseppe Luongo and the MSMA (Motorcycle Sport Manufacturers’ Association) representative Mr Takanao Tsubouchi, in a meeting held in Athens, Greece, on November 5, took the following decisions (application as from 1.1.2007 except otherwise indicated):


- Sound level for Motocross and SuperMoto: the maximum sound level as from 1.1.2008 will be 96 dB/A for 2 stroke engines and 94 dB/A for 4 stroke engines – valid until 31.12.2009. As from 2010, lower figures will be introduced, to be fixed by April 2007.


- Whoops/washboards are forbidden. Rolling wave sections may be incorporated; the distance between the highest point of each wave must be approximately 10 metres; the height of each wave is limited to approximately 80 cm.

- Stopping of a race (to add): if a race is stopped before the second lap has been completed, the restart will follow the same procedure as for a false start (MX1, MX2, MX3, MXN, Veterans, Women, Junior, Sidecar).

- Procedure before the start; riders (without helmets) and motorcycles line up behind the starting gate (i.e. do not stay in the waiting zone). Two team members per rider are allowed, and press/TV. Riders start for the sighting lap from their position behind the starting gate, and come back directly to the waiting zone. After a signal, they leave the waiting zone and line up again behind the starting gate for the start, according to their position in qualifying practice (like in 2006) (MX1, MX2, MXN).

- Youthstream can enter 5 riders at every event until the end of the technical verifications (MX3).

- Motocross of Nations: the winning team of the previous year.will carry red number plate.


- New definition of the track: a SuperMoto course shall be paved and will generally include an off-road section.

- Start lights like Motogp, Sbk...: a red light will be displayed for between 2 and 5 seconds. The red light will go out to start the race.

- SuperMoto of Nations: the winning team of the previous year will carry a red number plate.

Veterans, Women Motocross

- Entries (max. 40 riders) to be sent to Youthstream; practice in one group. The current leader of the Championship.will carry a red number plate.


- Maximum cubic capacity for 2 stroke engines: 600cc

- New race format: 2 qualifying races, 1 last chance race, 2 final races.