Pit Posse Tools Wheel Bearing Remover Now On Offer

November 27, 2006 9:02am

St. Petersburg, FL - November 27, 2006: Pit Posse Tools (http://www.pitposse.com/) Wheel Bearing Remover is now available on the site or ask your local dealer.

The Pit Posse Wheel Bearing Remover makes removing virtually any size wheel bearing an easy job that can be done in seconds. The tool works for both motorcycles and ATV’s.

The Wheel Bearing Remover set comes with a plastic storage case and includes two rods and seven removers to fit most standard bearing sizes. Each remover is tapered to slip inside the bearing. The Wheel Bearing Remover rods are used as expanders for the removers. This tool makes removing bearings a breeze and protects the bearing seat.

The tool is made of steel and carries a lifetime guarantee.

Pit Posse is a manufacturer and retailer of trailer accessories, tools and bike accessories. Outlaw Racing Products is a manufacturer of motorcycle accessories. The company was started in 2003 and is headquarter in St. Petersburg, Florida.