Leatt Brace Sponsors A Day In the Dirt

November 21, 2006 7:38am

Valencia California - Leatt Corporation Inc.,  makers of the Leatt-Brace, “the helmet for your neck” is proud to announce sponsorship of the 9th annual A Day In The Dirt.

Never before has there been such a revolutionary protective device designed to prevent neck injury. Top pros and beginners alike are all giving a thumbs up to the Leatt Braces design and protective abilities.  There have already been many  testimonials on the merits of the brace.

Jason McCune, of Leatt Corporation says,  “Not only will we have plenty of braces to sell, but we will also be offering “rider demos” so racers will have an opportunity to see what the brace feels like while riding. We believe that once a rider experiences the brace while riding, he will  quickly realize that the brace does not hamper their riding style in anyway! ”

“We approached Kenny Alexander, co-founder of A Day In The Dirt, and asked to be a part of the weekend,” says United States Brand Manager, Geoff Patterson.   “ The number of entries gets  bigger and bigger every year.  We as a company wanted to be apart of this prestigious event. Be sure to find Kenny while you are there and tell him how much you are enjoying the races. Along with Jason and myself, Kenny will be racing with the Leatt Moto GPX brace on!”

Leatt Corporation Inc.