Your Collection

November 20, 2006 3:02pm

This week's collection comes from Scott Eckerman of Zionsville, IN:

"You recently published Rick Smit’s vintage European collection of race bikes. I also live in Zionsville, IN, and hoped you would give equal time to Z – town’s Japanese vintage collections.

The old saying “you want what you can’t have” applies to my Elsinore collection. I raced out of shop in Waterloo, IA, in the 70s that only sold Suzuki motorcycles. As a result, my entire MX career was limited to the yellow bike. I was always fascinated with the Elsinore’s clean looks and wished that I could race the Honda brand. Needless to say, one of my first collections centered on the evolution of the Elsinore product line. My 1973 125 with a new OEM tank is my favorite because it changed the outlook of American MX.

I also collect vintage Elsinore performance parts like TM swing arms, finned Koni shocks, Fox air shocks, etc. Elsinore gas tanks are one of my favorite collectable items because they are the ultimate conversation piece!"

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