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November 17, 2006 1:53pm | by:

Hey David,
i am in te market for anew bike. i BADLY need one. i currently ride  crf100 and the thing is POWERLESS!! i have asked around, kids at my school, on, and more people have told me to go with a CRF450R a CRF250R. They said the 450 will be a LOT of power at first but once i get used to it, i will be happy i chose it over the 250. i am 15, about 5 7 and around 130. i feel comfortable sitting on the bike, but never got a chance to ride. i got to rdie my friends CRF250R and was jumping it in 5 minutes.i was wondering what you though about this. i ride mostly desert, i love to hill climb, i ride at ocotillo wells, Gorman, El Mirage, and some other local places here in SoCal and want to get into track. I would really appreciated it if you can  give me some of your insight.
Thanks alot Ping
Huntington Beach California

Ping says to go with the CRF250R

photo: Pingree

Dear Brian,
I don’t mean to get picky here but you used the letter I to start sentences or thoughts thirteen times. And you only capitalized it once. Step one is spending a little more time with your English teacher after class. Secondly, I would highly recommend you start with a 250F and leave the 450 alone. At 130 pounds it sounds like you would be the perfect size for a 250 and trust me when I tell you that they are plenty fast. You would be flapping from the handlebars of a 450 the first time you grabbed a handful of throttle. Besides, if you can’t even handle the CAPS KEY on your COMPUTER how the heck are you going to control an open monster? You’ll have more fun on the smaller bike so don’t let your buddies or the mental midgets on any dirt bike chat room tell you any different. Good luck, pal.


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Dear ?,
Are you okay? That is the dumbest question I’ve ever been asked by anyone with 46 chromosomes. Maybe you should lay off the curry and spices over there because I think it’s melting the frontal lobe of your brain. Orange juice is orange… jackass.


Dear Ping,
When I saw that there was an AMA National Supermoto race coming to to Syracuse near my home in upstate New York I was stoked!  I would now be able to see greats such as Doug Henry and Jeff Ward do battle on the streets of downtown Syracuse—sweet!  Then I looked at the date, and sadly it is the same weekend as the nearby Unadilla National.  Two AMA pro races within an hour of each other on the same weekend?!  What brain trust came up with this scheduling gem?!  Most motocross fan in New York will be at Unadilla and not be able to see this race.  Many moto fans are interested in Supermoto and I think this race could be great if it were not on the same weekend as 'Dilla.  Why not bump it to the weekend after (July 21-22), an off-weekend for Supermoto when the MX series goes to Lakewood? Make sense?  Does the AMA compare the different schedules or does each circuit just schedule whenever they want regardless of the location of each series round that weekend?
Jayme Wood. KDK Sports

Dear Jayme,
Your query can be answered with one very sound principle that I’ve come to accept as truth, and that is… People are stupid. If you don’t believe me, read the previous question one more time.  Sure, there are some smart folks out there, but they are spread thinner than Nicole Richie’s waistline. I didn’t know that the two events took place on the same weekends. Maybe the Supermoto promoters didn’t know the AMA’s schedule for the national motocross series when they made their dates. Hopefully they can change the date because most of the fans that might have come out to watch supermoto will be at the Unadilla national instead. Maybe they’ll listen to your suggestion and bump the Supermoto race one week. That would only make sense.
P.s. Did you know that I race Supermoto too? I just ask because, you know, you could have maybe listed me with those other two guys, right?

Unadilla or Supermoto?

photo: Simon Cudby