Unofficial ISDE Results, Day Three

Riding in difficult and at times wet conditions, Finland extend their lead by over two minutes from nearest rival France, at the half way stage of the International Six Days Enduro (ISDE). The final three days will be more difficult and will decide who is the toughest nation on turf. The weather forecast for Day Four is for rain.

Unofficial Trophy Team standings after Day Two of the ISDE:

Positions remain unchanged from Day Two. New Zealand holds a strong seventh position.

1. Finland; 2. France, 6m19s behind the leaders; 3. Spain, 11m28s; 4. Australia, 12m50s; 5. Sweden, 13m49s; 6. Italy, 13m52s; 7. New Zealand, 19m18s; 8. Great Britain, 35m7s; 9. Slovakia, 35m16s; 10. USA, 38m34s.

Unofficial Junior Trophy Team Positions (under 23 years)

From Day Two Australia has overtaken Germany for third position, while Finland has dropped a place, allowing Italy into fifth. 

1. USA; 2. France, 3m32s behind the leaders; 3. Australia, 4m16s; 4.Germany, 6m26s; 5. Italy, 6m55s; 6. Finland, 7m11s; 7. Great Britain, 8m53s; 8. Netherlands, 11m13s; 9. Spain, 14m43s; 10. New Zealand, 17m43s.