Dew Action Sports Tour Concludes the 2006 Season

Orlando, Fla. - October 15, 2006 - The Dew Action Sports Tour, the pro tour of action sports, today wrapped up its final day of competition for the 2006 season at PlayStation® Pro, the fifth and final stop of the Tour, at the TD Waterhouse Centre.  Nate Adams won the Freestyle Motocross season title and Daniel Dhers captured the BMX Park title.

Placing first at the PlayStation Pro tour stop was Mike Mason, 25, of Minden, NV, with a final score of 95.67.  In second place was Jeremy Lusk, 21, of San Diego, Calif. who finished with a score of 93.00.  Adams, 22, of Glendale, AZ, finished with a score of 92.67, placing him in third and earning him enough points for the Dew Cup.  

Adams finished the season with a total of 413 points, followed by Mason with 287 and Travis Pastrana, 22, of Davidsonville, MD with 275. 
“I’m just glad to be healthy.  I made it through the whole year without being seriously injured,” said Adams.  “It feels great.  I’ve been competing all year and this is a big step up from ninth place last year.”  

“To end the contest like this is just awesome,” said Mason.  “This is the first big contest I’ve ever won.  Next year on the Dew Tour will be great and I’ll be competing for the overall title.”

Dhers, 21, of Caracas, VEN, placed first at the PlayStationâ Pro with a score of 96.75 to clinch the Tour title.  Marcus Tooker, 20, of Cape Cod finished in second with a 90.75 after a tiebreaker, followed by Alistair Whitton, 25, of Great Britain who also earned a 90.75.

“It feels awesome to win the Dew Cup,” said Dhers. “I trained a lot and practiced to make the Dew Action Sports Tour.  This is unbelievable. I’m living a dream.”

Dhers finished the season with a total of 389 points.  Scotty Cranmer, 19, of Jackson, NJ finished with 330 points, followed by Ryan Nyquist, 27, of Los Gatos, Calif., with 319.

Jamie Bestwick was crowned Athlete of the Year, awarded to the athlete with the highest point total across all six disciplines.  He earned a $25,000 bonus for the title.  BMX Vert athlete Kevin Robinson was voted by fans as the PlayStation Trick of the Year winner for his double flair landed at the Toyota Challenge last month in San Jose.

The PlayStationâ Pro is the fifth and final stop of the Dew Tour that features skateboarding, BMX and freestyle motocross. More than one million dollars in prize money was given away over the four days of competition.  Other Dew Cup winners from the weekend include Jamie Bestwick (BMX Vert), Anthony Napolitan (BMX Dirt), Ryan Sheckler (Skateboard Park) and Bucky Lasek (Skateboard Vert).

Final Results
Freestyle Motocross Final Results -  1. Mike Mason, Minden, Nev., 95.67. 2. Jeremy Lusk, San Diego, Calif., 93.00. 3. Nate Adams, Glendale, Ariz., 92.67. 4. Adam Jones, Warrendale, Pa., 92.33. 5. Beau Bamburg, Gresham, Ore., 92.17. 6. Wiley Fulmer, Chino, Calif., 91.83.  7. Robbie Maddison, Kiama, AUS, 91.00. 8. Matt Buyten, Carson City, Nev., 89.67. 9. Brian Foster, Carson City, Nev., 88.67. 10. Drake McELroy, Fernley, Nev., 86.00. 11. Myles Richmond, Cherry Valley, Calif., 884.67. 12. Dustin Miller, Gardnerville, Nev., 64.33

BMX Park Final Results - 1. Daniel Dhers, Caracas, VEN, 96.75, 2. Marcus Tooker, Cape Cod, Mass. 90.75, 3. Alistair Whitton, Chester, GBR, 90.75, 4. Dave Mirra, Greenville, N.C. 90.00, 5. Steven McCann, Melbourne, AUS, 89.25, 6. Garrett Reynolds, Toms River, N.J., 89.00, 7. Kevin Kiraly, Livermore, Calif., 87.50, 8. Austin Coleman, Los Angeles, Calif., 87.00, 9. Gary Young, San Diego, Calif., 84.75, 10. Ryan Nyquist, Los Gatos, Calif, 83.00, 11. Scotty Cranmer, Jackson, N.J., 82.75, 12. Mike Spinner, Coral Springs, Fla., 80.25

2006 Final Season Points Standings
Freestyle Motocross Final Standings -1. Nate Adams, 413.  2. Mike Mason, 287.  3. Travis Pastrana, 275.  4. Jeremy Lusk, 257. 5. Adams Jones, 201. 6. Robbie Maddison, 199. 7. Jim McNeil, 177. 8. Beau Bamburg, 175. 9. Myles Richmond, 158. 10. Brian Foster, 157. 11. Drake McElroy, 149. 12. Wiley Fulmer, 127.    

BMX Park Final Standings - 1. Daniel Dhers, 389.  2. Scotty Cranmer, 330. 3. Ryan Nyquist, 319.  4. Alistair Whitton, 256. 5. Gary Young, 221. 6. Steven McCann, 212. 7. Garrett Reynolds, 190. 8. Allan Cooke, 159. 9. Marcus Tooker, 156. 10. Austin Coleman, 152. 11. Dave Mirra, 150. 12. Josh Harrington, 147