Number Cruncher Redux: #13


Just wanted to tell you about another number 13. Gordon Crockard rode number 13 in this years GPs and finished 13th in the championship. Strange.
Colin Dorey

In the early 70s, maybe 1974, Bryar Holcomb earned #13 and choose to retain #84 from the year before. I went to Loretta’s in 1994 and got overalls of 13th in Vet B, and 15th in 250 C. It was national and I earned it and I wanted a lower number, so I’ve run 13 ever since. I kept it for the first year because it was mine.  I never took the number off – it just sort of stuck. I had a nasty concussion in '02.  Not related to #13. Now my only issue is age. I’m 43 but still having fun.
Eric Gossger

Andy, you may have received this one by now, but commercial airliners also avoid row 13.
Rick Schwalbach
Seabrook, TX

Great piece on #13. How about Chuck Woodford? He won the 2005 AMA National Hare Scramble Championship, also earning the #13 in the GNCC series. He isn't racing in 2006! Fear of the number? Probably not, but worth a mention? I interviewed him for Cycle News a few times and he was always a real nice guy. I miss seeing him at the races. Where is he at (assuming in OH) and what is he doing? 
Mark Spore
Wayland, MI