DMXS Tonight

October 11, 2006 1:32pm

Roger Decoster has enjoyed some successful years with RC piloting his Factory Suzuki to multiple championships, but the GOAT will soon be moving on into a well-earned semi-retirement. Roger will go into battle next year with Tedesco and an unseasoned rookie to carry the flag, unless RC changes his mind. We have not had Roger on in a while and we always enjoy his candor and straightforward answers so it will be interesting to hear his views as he approaches yet another challenge in his storied career.

David Bailey has been laying low this summer but he is ready to jump back behind the mic to give everyone an update on his progress. David has been battling his condition with the same grit and determination that served him well in every aspect of his career on and off a bike. He continues to be an inspiration to me and his many fans. Welcome back, ICON!

Kevin Windham had one of hell a weekend at the JMI race last weekend in Los Angeles. His big payday and good racing had the bearded Louisianan smiling all weekend. He has a chance at another big payday this weekend at the US Open, but RC and James will have something to say about that. K-Dub will take a rest from the monotony of midweek testing to check in with us and break down the upcoming race and season.

Josh Hill had a terrible get-off last Friday at the Yamaha test track and the predictable and persistent rumors to the extent of his injury would soon follow. Josh slid out on the face of a triple and did knock his melon really good, but he seems to be fine. He is taking a few weeks off from riding but will be a fan at the US Open and will continue to train otherwise. We will hear from the likable young Yamaha Factory rider tonight.

Tim “Red Dog” Ferry takes a bite and does not let go. His battle back to a Factory Kawasaki ride is a testament to his character and the reason so many fans pull for him. The blue collar attitude and work ethic have Timmy back on top where he belongs. We will welcome back our Southern neighbor tonight.

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