Your Collection

October 9, 2006 7:35am

This week's collection comes from Mark Bradley:

"This is my 1975 125 Pursang. I bought the bike from the second owner a few years back. The bike is a survivor in very nice condition and runs excellent. Two years ago my wife and I were managing a new motocross track in Alderdale, Washington, when the Hammer and Tongs VMX club held a race at our facility. Jim Pomeroy came and raced that weekend. I remember reading of Jimbo in the 70s and following his successes through the years. It was a great pleasure meeting him in person and hearing a few of his stories. My 8-year-old daughter was racing that weekend in the mini class, winning against all the boys I might add, and Jim was very impressed with her and went out of his way to congratulate her personally. Our memories of Jimbo will always be with the highest regards."


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