Number Cruncher Redux: #51

September 29, 2006 7:24am | by:

Thanks to our readers, here are some other famous #51s…

I am a huge moto fan and as a kid I'd see Kehoe in the magazines on his YZ80 with the number 51. I do not have a photo, but I remember it. I liked seeing him with 51; when I actually began racing in 1999 as a 250 beginner I put number 51 on my plates.
Tim Joiner

Here’s a good picture from the Gainesville national 14 years ago that you may be able to use on your number cruncher sometime. I love the article and always look forward to it. I have many, many pics from this time frame, too. JMB, Bradshaw, Chicken, Cooper. You name it, I probably have it. Keep up the great work!

As always, great stuff!  I came up with a few more old school 51s. (Nice call on the Marty Moates, by the way!)
Flyin’ Brian Myerscough sported the 51 in ’78, his rookie season on Factory Suzuki. (I remembered this as he was on the cover of MXA.  Too bad he never won a title!).  Steve Martin rode a LOP-backed YZ250F (two-stroke for those of you who forgot about them) w/the #51 in 1979. Lastly, one of mine and the Northeast’s favorites, Jo Jo Keller, ran it on his MX Fox-backed Suzuki in ’81. He put the Full Floater to the ultimate test!
Josh Heintz
Chester Springs, PA

Regarding number cruncher #51, factory Suzuki rider and minicycle champion Flyin' Brian Myerscough wore national number 51. He was considered one of the smoothest, fastest and most underrated national pros of that era, but his battle with illness during that time prevented him from claiming any titles or more victories. Nonetheless, he went on to win the 1980 125 Saddleback national with ease, winning both motos and smoking Glover, Barnett, Ward and the rest. Also, he was a few laps away from winning the 1983 Unadilla 250 USGP, but fatigue caused him to surrender to Bailey.    

Jim Myerson
Orange County, Calif.

Last but not least, let’s not forget #51 from the 2000 season – Jason Thomas. JT was a Yamaha privateer that season, and here’s a picture of him at the Hangtown National.

Jason Thomas wore #51 in 2000

photo: Fran Kuhn