Your Collection

September 18, 2006 10:52am

Your Collection, presented by Throttle Jockey, is a chance for you to show off your motocross-related collector's items and win some way cool prizes. Each week, one person who has sent in a photo of their collection will be chosen by the folks at Throttle Jockey. The lucky winner of each week's contest will have their photo featured on Racer X Online and will receive a prize from Throttle Jockey.

To enter, simply e-mail your photo, along with a brief description of the item or items, to

This week's submission comes to us from Glenn C. McGovern of New Orleans:

"Here is my  first vintage bike project----a 1980 Yamaha YZ 465 I have restored. It was basically a basket case and I have rebuilt it from the frame up and tried to keep it as original as possible. It has a real DG pipe and silencer which was a popular mod at that time. I used to race one of these in 1980, so it has  brought a lot of memories back.  The suspension was rebuilt by Carl Langley of Racing Innovations in Independence, LA. It is surprisingly good for the era. It has a high compression Wiseco domed piston and likes race gas rather than pump gas. Extreme Vintage YZ supplied a new gas tank after I polished the original up nicely--then it started cracking more each day. I guess I took off too much plastic polishing it up. The rest of the plastic is by Maier. I made the background number plates to match the unavailable originals. I have Dunlop 756s on and it is hard on rear tires with a 2.5 inch wide rear rim. It is a torque monster! I spent more than the original purchase price restoring it. This was a lot more expensive and time consuming project than I thought, but it was worth it. It brings a lot of fun to this 54-year-old vet racer who has been to Loretta Lynn's twice in the last three years in the Vet 45 and 250A/ Pro Sport classes. Maybe I am getting faster with age!"