James Nobel And RWJ Honda Use Rollon’s Unipro Throttle For Successful 2007 Season

September 18, 2006 9:42am

James Nobel and RWJ Honda use Rollon’s Unipro Throttle to 2nd overall in the British MX1 Championship and 10th Overall World MX1 Championship
Rollon Throttle and MXbits UK are proud to be able to help James and his RWJ Honda with their successful 2006 season. With the Unipro’s adjustability, James and his mechanic Chris Chamberlin were able to quickly and easily tune their Honda CRF450 for varying conditions maximizing their results.

Chris had this to say about the Unipro’s versatility... "We used the Unipro on the Lightning setting the previous week when conditions gave very high levels of grip but the following week we had some very slick track conditions and we simply backed the Unipro back a couple of settings and we were ready to go, This meant we did not need to carry out any gearing or engine setting changes"

Thanks Team RWJ, James and Chris for using and believing in Rollon Throttles

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