Pastrana Claims Second Red Bull X-Fighters Victory in Madrid

September 15, 2006 6:09am

Madrid, Spain (September 14, 2006) - He was the favorite. In Japan’s Eigo Sato, he was up against the strongest opponent in the preliminary round. He had to go first in the final of the five head to head winners.

But Travis Pastrana's victory at the Red Bull X-Fighters in Madrid's Las Ventas arena was never in doubt.

The 22-year-old American impressed not only the judges with tricks such as a Superman Flip, a Nac Nac Flip, a Heelclicker Flip One Hand Landing and a Superman Indian Flip, but also the 23,000 fans: Travis' 95.5 out of a possible 100 points remained out of reach. Second place went to Nate Adams (92 points), who finished ahead of Switzerland's Mat Rebeaud (90.5), Spaniard Dani Torres (90) and Australian Robbie Maddison (81).

This was Pastrana's second victory at Las Ventas, after winning in 2004.  "The Red Bull X-Fighters are more fun than any other event," he said. "The atmosphere is unique."

Nate Adams, the dethroned titleholder said, "I gave it everything I had.
But nobody stands a chance against Travis at the moment. He's simply the best."

Mat Rebeaud, winner of the Red Bull X-Fighters in Mexico City in March said, "I injured my hand at the X Games. Being able to compete here at all after my operation was an achievement in itself."


   1. Travis PASTRANA (USA), 95.5 points
   2. Nate ADAMS (USA), 92 points
   3. Mat REBEAUD (SUI), 90.5 points
   4. Dani TORRES (ESP), 90 points
   5. Robbie MADDISON (AUS), 81 points

   Head to head:
   MADDISON beat Ronnie RENNER (USA)
   PASTRANA beat Eigo SATO (JPN)
   TORRES beat Libor PODMOL (CZE)
   ADAMS beat Carlos CORDOBA (ESP)

Photos courtesy of Rich Van Every