Full Disclosure on RC's Situation, as of Late Monday

September 12, 2006 5:27am

Just got the full story from Tallahassee, where our man RC is not having a good day, but so far nothing is found that's keeping him from planning his race at the MXoN. What the holdup is as of this update is his shoulder hurts a lot and they haven't pin-pointed the cause.
As of this minute, he is being seen for the third time at a specialist.
RC really wants to race and they are sorry for leaving people hanging today, but they just don't have the answers themselves. There is no title strategy going on or any reason to be secretive.. RC's camp will keep you updated.
Due to the nature of his injury and the location, there is a lot of talk about the labrum area. These can freak you out for a couple of days in terms of pain, and range of motion, and things settle down.