Dunlop's New D756RR Jumps out of the Gate

August 7, 2006 6:24am

Honda Racing¹s Davi Millsaps collects five holeshots at Unadilla, Lakewood and Washougal.

Buffalo, NY ­-- How good is Dunlop's newly redesigned D756RR Race Replica motocross tire? For proof, just look to Honda Racing's Davi Millsaps, who collected five holeshots at the Unadilla, Lakewood and Washougal rounds of the 2006 AMA Motocross Championship Series.

Millsaps, who wrapped up his first AMA title with the Supercross Lites East Championship in April and currently holds third place in the outdoor Motocross Championship, had his choice of any of the tires in the Dunlop truck for his Honda CRF450R. In selecting the D756RR, a next-generation racing tire for pro-level motocross riders, Millsaps showed the competition that the new design provides even more grip than the previous-generation Race Replica.

"Our new D756RR incorporates lower aspect-ratio sizes, such as 110/80 and 120/80, which allows us to increase tire width without increasing tire height," said Broc Glover, Dunlop Senior Manager for Off-Road and Supermoto. "This new design increases the contact patch of the tire, and more rubber on the ground helps riders better control the higher torque and horsepower of the new four-stroke MX bikes. The new sizing also allows riders to perform advanced riding techniques more easily, such as scrubbing speed on jumps, without the bouncing inherent in a tire design with a higher aspect ratio. With the new Race Replica, we have incorporated the latest modern materials in both rubber compounds and carcass constructions."

The new D756RR Race Replica is available at Dunlop Motorcycle Tire dealers in August, 2006 in the following sizes and prices (MSRP):

· Front: 80/100-21     $107.13

· Rear: 110/80-19      $118.57 (for 250cc four-stroke bikes)

· Rear: 120/80-19      $127.22 (for 450cc four-stroke bikes)