Your Collection

July 3, 2006 8:18am

This week's collection comes to us from Hans Stolk:

"My name is Hans Stolk and I live in the Netherlands and have been a motocross announcer here for four years. My website is Here is my Steel City collection from 1987, 2001, and 2002 when I was there.

"I was at the 125 GP at Steel City in 1987 because John van den Berk could get World champ there. I aranged it with Dave Coombs that I could be a flagman. Then I met also track owner Dick Bellora and also Davey and Timmy Coombs and had a great time there. Dick Bellora and I became friends and kept in contact and in 2001, I had enough monney to go back to Steel City to enter the amatuer day. Mike Jones helped me to find a bike, from Davey Yezek, and I slept at Dick Bellora's place. In 1988 I helped Mike Jones come to Europe for a supercross here in Gohtenburg and Rotterdam. I came back in 2002 with my son Malcolm, named after Malcolm Smith. I got a bike fron Melanie McConnell and finshed 7th in the 40+ class like in 2001.

"And this year I will be back in Steel City togheter with Mariane Veenstra and her parents. Marianne will enter the WMA Pro race on Saturday on a Cernic's Suzuki RM-Z250. I will not be racing, though."