PDL Racing Steps It Up A Notch

June 29, 2006 7:48am

It’s hard to miss the presence of the PDL Racing Team in the pro pit area at this year’s MX National Series events! The guys at PDL are working hard to make sure their riders are provided with the best training, equipment, support staff, and nutrition they can offer.

That’s why they have recently moved Casey Clark (#161) to Austin, Texas! As the new base of our training and rider management, Austin is the home of our new full-time Director of Athlete Training & Rider Management, Seiji Ishii from Pinnacle Elite Fitness. Seiji is well known throughout the industry for his training and physical therapy and making sure those riders feel good when they go out to practice and compete. We are excited to have Seiji on our staff to provide that necessary element into the success of our riders and the team.

Team PDL's Casey Clark

photo: Courtesy of PDL Racing

Another level to the training that PDL riders will be exposed to is the training style of Larry Morton of Five Magic’s Motocross School. Larry brings with him 34 years experience in the Motocross industry as well as all levels of training and specialized programs that the PDL riders will be able to take advantage of.

Also joining the team is Mike Lerner. Mike is not just a personal trainer. He’s a trainer, nutritionist, personal shopper and chef all rolled into one. While our riders are in Texas, they won’t have to worry about what they should eat or shouldn’t eat. Mike is there to provide that important element to their training regimen.  Mike will be buying and preparing all of the food for our riders’ meals and making sure they get the nutrition they need to keep them in peak condition.

“Adding Seiji & Mike to our team adds a whole new level of professionalism to our group. It is and always has been our goal to provide the best the world has to offer to our riders. We want our riders to succeed on the track and I feel that we have provided two essential parts of that equation with the addition of Seiji and Mike.  This is only one step in our five year plan,” said Chad Willard, co-owner of PDL Racing.

Matt Spangler, co-owner of PDL Racing adds, “Moving our riders down to Austin is the logical thing to do. We want them to be right in the heart of where things happen. With Seiji and Mike joining the team- Austin is that place! PDL Racing is working hard to put all plans into action to make sure our riders are successful … and healthy.”

PDL Racing plans on moving all of its riders to Austin by the beginning of the Supercross ’07 season.

Keep watching for Casey Clark (#161) and Kevin Brodsky (#727) as they continue their journey at the MX Nationals and prepare for Supercross ’07.

PDL Racing is based out of Coatesville, Pennsylvania and proudly sponsored by MXPayDay.com, Dunlop, Scott, ECS Honda, Motographx, Liquid Performance, E3 Apparel, Keeney Motorsports, TBT Racing, Answer Racing, VP Fuels and MXSponsor.com.