“Cowboy” Kenny Bartram Switching Up To Run Rally

June 20, 2006 11:46am | by:

FMX Not His Focus For 2007

Kenny Bartram

photo: Simon Cudby

June 20, 2006 (Newport Beach, CA) -- What does the reigning FMX champ do to make waves at the season opener? He announces he’s changing the game. Cowboy Kenny Bartram’s camp is announcing today that starting in 2007 Kenny will be shifting his focus, and spending less time on his bike and more time behind the wheel of his Rally Car.

“As I have made very well known for a while now, Rally Car is a big passion of mine. Right now my focus is on the Dew Action Sports Tour, Summer X Games, and the LG Action Sports Championship, but I am also currently leading the production class in the US Rally Car Championships, and my focus is being split.  Although it can be draining, I am pretty confident that I can win this Rally Championship while still keeping my focus on FMX this season, but that just tells me that I have more to give to Rally than I am giving right now.  For 2007, I have decided to concentrate my efforts on Rally Car Racing and to do it right, I am going to have to back off a bit on FMX. I am not retiring from FMX, but my main focus next year will be on racing Rally Car.”

photo: Niki Woehler

“This was a really tough decision for him, but Kenny has won everything there is to win in FMX, a couple times over.  I really think he wants a new set of challenges to go after” said Kenny’s manager, Rich Swisher of the Sports Syndicate. “Kenny is an icon in Freestyle Motocross, and is only known as a threat to win any competition he rides in. For himself, and for amazing sponsors like Alpinestars, Vitaminwater, Kicker, EVS and others, he doesn’t want to be in a big contest just to ride for camera time and collect a paycheck. He wants to be in it to win it. The same determination that made him one of our sport’s all-time greats, is sure to transition well over to Rally Car racing.”

“You know, we’re stoked for Kenny”, said Janeane Ardolino of Vitamin Water. “Kenny will always be part of the Glaceau family whether he’s riding a motorcycle or driving a rally car. It’s a bold move for anyone to switch gears when they’re at the top of their game. That’s one of the things we love about him. He really is a “Cowboy”."

The reigning Dew Tour champ will be a fixture at all the Dew Tour stops fighting to retain his title, as well as at Summer X Games this summer, competing in Moto-X Freestyle, and Rally Car.  He’s been holed up at his180 acre Oklahoma compound working out the tricks he plans to throw down all summer as well as his Rally skills. Kenny isn’t going to just give away his title.  If his competition wants it, they’re going to have to come and get it.