Go Moto Store and Plush Racing Team Dedicated to Female Motorcyclists

May 31, 2006 7:50am

Go Moto Provides a Store and Plush Racing Provides a Race Team Dedicated to Female Motorcyclists
Sacramento, CA - Go Moto is the nation’s premier all women's motorcycle shop. The store is dedicated to female motorcyclists, both young and old, for on road and off road riders. Go Moto founder Alicia Karstens, of Sacramento was encouraged by the growing number of women who ride and race motorcycles.  The statistics show that women are the fastest growing segment in motorcycling.  Which comes as no surprise, since motorcycling is not only fun it is economical. Go Moto’s model is to provide the best women’s selection, the best service, and great prices.  Go Moto carries women made products such as Lady Rider, Girlyz and Sick Racing along with all the top name brands.

Inspired by Plush Racing founder, Melody Kho, Alicia found that Sacramento was lacking a good selection for women that ride street and/or off road. Working in a local motorcycle store, Alicia quickly realized the need for more selection in gear, accessories and info on local clubs and events tailored to women.  That’s where Plush Racing comes in, Plush is a group of women that ride, race, mentor and promote.  Go Moto is the Official Plush Racing Headquarters and carries the full line of Plush team products and information.

Plush Motorsports Marketing/Plush Racing is an all female motorsports racing team. Plush proudly works with all its national, regional and local sponsors to promote safety on the streets. In the Greater Sacramento area, Plush and Sacramento Raceway offer a free Wednesday night street-legal fun drag pass. This pass is especially for those who have not yet heard that racing can be done safely and legally!  Passes are available from Plush members and at Go Moto.

For more information please contact Go Moto at: (916) 339-3933
Email: alicia@gomoto.biz
Website: www.gomotoriders.com

Or contact Plush Racing:  (916) 387-8448
Email: plushracing@att.net
Website: www.plushracing.com