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New Fundraising Campaign Launched For James Marshall announced today the launch of a new fundraising campaign for James Marshall who was tragically paralyzed during the 6th round of the Amp’d Mobile Supercross series.

Marshall who has experienced miraculous signs of potential recovery now faces a challenge of $125,000 in rehabilitation bills starting June 1st as his health insurance expirers. In the face of insurmountable odds and enormous medical bills, and several participating individuals and organizations have banned together to launch a new fundraising campaign.

Since Marshall’s tragic accident, has raised over $60,000 in cash donations in combined efforts through the website and at the Outlaw Ride Day held at Glen Helen Parkway. With over 1000 unique website donors, organizers are asking that donors again come together to keep James on the steady path towards recovery. To raise $125,000, it would only take 2,500 people each donating $50 to raise the full amount. Although $125,000 is a daunting amount to raise, supporters and contributors have been encouraged by the outpouring of generosity over the past 12 weeks.

James was hospitalized at the Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego for nearly 8 weeks after his accident where he experienced sporadic feeling in his legs. Today, James is located at Hermann Memorial Hospital in Houston Texas and has near full feeling his left arm and shoulders with mobility through his wrist and lower hand. He is continuing to make progress with his right arm but has very limited mobility. Although he is still currently paralyzed from the mid chest down, James continues to make progress little by little and desperately needs to begin intensive physical therapy. James has been notified this past week that his medical insurance will expire effective May 31st leaving him and his family with the challenge of over $125,000 in rehabilitation bills. is also launching a new wave of autographed jerseys on ebay this week. There are a total of 39 autographed jerseys collected from riders with many of them being worn by the actual riders. Some jerseys to be auctioned include Ricky Carmichael, James Stewart, Andrew Short, Grant Langston, Josh Grant to name a few. Each week will have several new jerseys listed. More auction details and the complete list of jerseys being auctioned off can be found at the bottom of this release. To begin bidding, please visit or click the following ebay link: would like to ask the motocross community to once again rally around a fallen rider, hero and friend. James’ story has touched people across the globe attracting over 100,000 visitors and over 10,000 emails. James 'Outlaw' Marshall T-shirts and bracelets will also be on the website for sale throughout the next several weeks.

For more information, please see

Auction Details:


Rick Johnson - pit shirt 1 Team Makita Signed
Andrew Short - Jersey Signed 1 red
Caselli - Gear 1 Autographed - Race Worn
Lorraco - Gear 1 Full Set race worn w/gloves - Autographed
Larroco - Gear Red/wht/blu 1 Full Set race worn w/gloves - Autographed
Langston - Full Set race Worn 1 Autographed - Race Worn
Voss - Jersey 2 Daytona Race Worn
Voss - Number Plate 1 Daytona
Alessi - Jersey 1 Amature Honda - Race Worn Autograph
Marshall - Jersey 1 Brand new - no autograph
Marshall - Jersey 1 Pro Signatures from event
Abrigo - Jersey 1 Autographed - Brand New
Walker - Jersey 1 Autographed - Brand New
Dubach - Jersey 1 Autographed - Race Worn
Laansoo - Jersey 1 Autographed - Brand New
Grant - Full Gear 1 Day Event worn - Autographed
Hengeveld - Jersey 1 Autographed - Brand New
Kevin Johnson - Jersey 1 Autographed - Race Worn
Grant - Jersey 1 Autographed - Race Worn - Amature Jersey
Sipes - Jersey 1 Race worn no autograph
Ferry - Jersey 1 Autographed - Brand New
Kevin Johnson - Jersey 1 Autographed - Brand New
Villapoto - Jersey 1 Autographed - Race Worn - Amature Jersey
Dostal - Jersey 1 Autographed - Brand New
Andrew Short - Gear 1 US OPEN Autographed
Lawrence - Jersey 1 Autographed - Race Worn - Amature Jersey Casillas - Jersey 1 Race worn no autograph - Amature Jersey
Owens - Jersey 1 Event Worn - No Autograph
Adams - Jersey 1 Event Worn - Autographed
Hengeveld - Jersey 1 Autographed - Brand New
Richie Owens - Pants 1 Autographed - Race Worn
Renner - Gear 1 Autographed - Brand New
Nate Adams - jeresey 1 Autographed - Brand New
Josh Grant - Helmet 1 Daytona Race Worn
Bailey - Helmet 1 autographed
Wey - Helet 1 Autographed
Ferry - Race Worn, signed

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