Ailo Gaup Back In The Saddle And Ready To Do The Dew

May 10, 2006 9:14am

May 8, 2006 (Newport Beach, CA) - Disappointment ran high when it was announced that Ailo was forced by his doctors to pull out of Winter X because of a case of acute double pneumonia. 

The Norwegian phenom was regarded in many circles as a major contender for gold with tricks like the “underflip over the ice gap” he invented almost two years ago, but first landed successfully in competition at IFMXF, over a year ago.

But fans can be assured the Ailo is ready to “Do the Dew”. After a stint at the Norwegian Olympic Medical Camp, he’s kicked the pneumonia and is ready to rock it out.  The last few weeks Ailo has been in the US polishing his riding with Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg and Ronnie Faisst.

“Its definitely different practicing in sunny California,” said Ailo. 

“In Norway I have to light my ramp and the dirt landing on fire before I can use them because they’re frozen solid.  And obviously it’s incredible to be able to practice with guys like Twitch and Faisst.  We all have really different styles, so I pick good stuff up from them, and they pick good stuff up from me.  It just makes each of us ride better.  I’ll be throwing it all down for the first Dew Tour stop, so don’t miss it!”

Next week Ailo will be taping an episode of “Daily Habit” that will
air on FUEL TV at the end of May. There’s a good possibility one
 might catch a glimpse of one or two of the tricks he’s got planned
for Dew Tour, and maybe Summer X, come August

Ailo is determined to make a big mark on FMX in the USA this year, that’s for sure.  In his first season here in the US, Ailo was a consistent top 5 guy, and stole several podiums from the best riders in the sport.  Having to miss out on Winter X was hard for him to swallow because he was more than ready to pull off his underflip on ice, which would have been virtually impossible to beat, but a 2 minute run is where he excels, so everyone is keeping close tabs on him for this summer.