Tortelli's 2006 Season Might Be Over

May 8, 2006 6:49am | by:
We spotted this press release from KTM concerning Grand Prix star Sebastien Tortelli's recent injuries - he dislocated his hip in Portugal and also injured his right knee - and his near future:
"KTM’s Sebastien Tortelli will have surgery to repair a broken ligament in his right knee (not the troublesome left which has sidelined the 28-year-old in the past) and is expecting to be away from the sport for at least five months. The latest setback was discovered after he had made decent progress recovering from his dislocated hip."
It was hoped that Tortelli would challenge Stefan Everts for the 2006 MX1 World Motocross crown, but that rivalry has fallen apart, as Sebastien is sidelined and Everts has now won four in a row to start what he promises will be his last season.
There's no word at this time on Tortelli's stated intentions to return to the AMA circuit in 2007 on the company's new 450 motorcycle.