Blogandt Goes Off on the Finale

May 3, 2006 5:28pm

Racer X contributor and Supercross Live! webcast host Jason Weigandt has been burning up the keyboard this week with his blog over at . Simply put, the tie at 316 points each for RC and CR coming into the Amp'd Mobile Supercross finale seems to have pushed The Weege into a frenzy. He unloaded tons of stuff including this week's Bench Racing Ammo and Between the Motos, as well as daily updates on the blog, and an apperance on DMXS. Rumor has it that he even forced Live Nation to let him host this Friday's press conference from Vegas. Who's gonna' calm him down? All week he's just been walking around with this strange, glazed look over his wonky eyes, muttering "Tied 3:16."

If you're as pumped about this weekend as he is, check out Blogandt at