Maxxis Tires Announces $6,000 In Contingencies For The Maxxis MiniMoto SX

April 19, 2006 1:35pm

Racers entered in the 2006 Maxxis MiniMoto SX will now be eligible to  win a portion of the $6,000 in cash contingencies posted by Maxxis Tires.

Only those Riders running Maxxis tires and who have a Maxxis sticker on  their Mini Bike will be eligible.

Here is how the pay out schedule works:

Class                   1st        2nd       3rd
MM Stock         $ 300     $ 200   $ 100
MM Women         400        250       150
MMA+35              400        250       150
MM10A                400        250       150
MM12A                400        250       150
MM10E                600        300       200
MM12E                600        300       200

"Racing Mini Bikes is all about having fun but we know a little extra reward for finishing on the podium is always welcomed," announced Kristin Cheatwood, Maxxis Motorcycle Marketing Representative.

Mike Farmer and the Maxxis Truck will be in the pits starting Thursday and will make tires available at special sponsorship pricing to those riders interested to become eligible for the cash contingency.

The Maxxis MiniMoto SX will take place on Friday, May 5, 2006 inside the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas. Tickets are available on line at, or by calling 888-234-2334.

For more information about the event please refer to