District 23 Sound Testing Policy for 2006

March 29, 2006 4:29am

Starting with the first race of 2006, all of the motocross races in District 23 will be doing sound testing. The procedure will involve class reps working in conjunction with the event referee to choose at least 10 bikes per race for testing. They will be initially be choosing those bikes that sound the loudest, or they may choose randomly. Any rider with a machine that fails that test will be given the opportunity to fix his bike before his first race. Any bike that doesn't meet the sound requirements will not be allowed to compete. If a bike is tested post-race and found to be too loud (i.e., putting the loud exhaust back on for the race), the racer will be disqualified.

The tracks will also continue to offer voluntary testing at the Saturday practice sessions. We are in the process of informing our track vendors of this process so that they can stock the necessary parts for mufflers. Make sure that your packing is up to par, and if you use an aftermarket exhaust, be sure it meets the 99-decibel limit. We would suggest that you carry your stock muffler and fresh packing with you, should you be found to be too loud.