BooKoo Honda and David Vuillemin part ways

Racer X just received the following press release from Holigan Racing:
Effective immediately David Vuillemin and Holigan Racing have mutually agreed to release each other from their current contract. The SX only agreement would normally see David have his last 06 race with the team on May 6th at the SX season final at Las Vegas NV. David is currently in France having his ankle (Injured at Daytona SX) looked at by his normal longtime doctor and will remain in France for rehabilitation and to prepare for the start of the AMA National Motocross Series. The mutual decision to terminate the agreement between the parties is a result of extended talks between Michael Holigan the owner of Holigan Racing and Fred Bramblett the owner of OMS Sports LLC the agent of record for David Vuillemin. Several factors were involved in both parties agreeing to the termination and the issue can simply be summed up in three words Irreconcilable Professional Differences. Since joining the team last fall as the lead rider David has struggled with the team and equipment and been unable to post the results he is accustomed to. Like wise the team has been highly frustrated with the results at the races and with few exceptions has been equally disappointed in the results of the relationship.

     "Sometimes things just don't workout as planned and the harder you try the worst they get. I want to thank all the staff at Holigan Racing as well as all the great sponsors involved with the team for their support and effort the past several months. It is no secret that things are not working for either me as an individual or the team.  Both the Team and I went into this relationship with the best intentions and high expectations for the things we could accomplish together this season. For several reasons both the team and I have been left disappointed and we have agreed the best thing is for us both to move on and go our separate ways. This is a mutual decision we all have reached and it should not reflect in a negative manner on the Team, Team's staff, Sponsors or I.  As a group of individuals we simply were not able to come together as a team and accomplish what we had all hoped for. The reasons are many and the faults can be found with us both, but this decision is not about assigning blame but is instead about both parties doing what is best for each of us and moving on in different directions. I wish the team, team staff and the sponsors the best in the future. I look forward to joining another team in the future and posting some good results on the racetrack again as I know I can."
Michael Holigan:
     "We wish David the best moving forward. As a team we where not able to find the right combination to allow us to have the success we had all hoped going into this relationship. Like many relationships both parties can go in with the best of intentions and things can still not workout.  When that is the case it is best to simply move on."