FMX Champ “Cowboy” Kenny Bartram Wins 100 Acre Wood Rally Race

March 1, 2006 6:01am

Reigning FMX Champion Proves On 2 Wheels Or 4 Wheels, He’ll Get ’er Done!

February 28, 2006 (Newport Beach, CA) – Reigning Freestyle Motocross Champion “Cowboy” Kenny Bartram, traded in his dirt-bike bike for a car this weekend for the second stop on the Rally-America tour, the 100 Acre Wood in Salem Missouri, and won his class, first time out.
“My goal was just to finish the race and collect enough points in this class to be eligible for the premier class, winning was an incredible bonus. An even bigger bonus is the fact that we beat guys with years of experience, and even placed above a guy who won one of the big championships a few years ago.  I can’t wait for the next race, said Kenny. The VW I rented was cool, but my Subaru is being fully prepared for Rally by Vermont Sports Cars, and I’m dying to see what I can do in it. I really hope it’s ready in time for the Oregon Trail National!”
Kenny and his co driver, Dennis Hotson, navigated the tough course in the non-turbo 110 horsepower 1999 2wd Beetle to place 18th overall, but first in their class.  Unlike the teams Bartram will be competing with in the premier class, Kenny is a full privateer that currently pays his way to the races.  This looks to be a short lived way of racing for the talented new-comer to Rally, as the sponsorship doors just got kicked wide open!   Kenny would like to thank Alpinestars and Vermont Sports Cars for the great support they have given to his budding rally racing career.
Growing up in Oklahoma, Kenny is no stranger to driving on dirt roads at high speeds.  A stint at the Tim O’Neil School for Rally Car Racing a couple years ago with friend and fellow FMX star, Travis Pastrana, really gave Kenny “rally racing fever.”  After years of watching from the sidelines, Kenny finally made the decision to ante up and take his secret passion to the next level. 
“I’m excited for Kenny!  He is a true racer’s racer, and no matter what kind of racing he does, he tends to surprise everyone.  I just hope that he’s a little safer than his buddy Travis when he gets behind the wheel of his 300 horsepower Subaru WRX.  He has a lot of FMX wins to defend this year.” said Rich Swisher of The Sports Syndicate, Kenny’s manager.