Team SoCal Racing/P-LoK/Lucas Oils/Yamaha San Francisco, CA Race Report

January 31, 2006 6:15am

January 28, 2006-San Francisco, California: The race day conditions were extremely wet and dreary, but oh how SoCal shined! Team SoCal Racing/ P-LoK/Lucas Oils/Yamaha battled the fierce competition including Mother Nature, to capture several spots in the San Francisco main event!

With each passing minute, the track conditions worsened. Because of the treacherous conditions, the officials decided to shorten the number of laps in the qualifying heats and the main event. The team was especially glad this particular weekend to have all of the great products from ProClean 1000-keping the bikes and helmets pristine clean! Team SoCal Racing/P-LoK/Lucas Oil/Yamaha's mechanics worked relentlessly ensuring the bikes were fully dialed for the traitorous conditions. In the semi races, their effort paid huge dividends as two riders qualified for the main event!!

This week's Barnett Clutch performance goes to the Team SoCal Racing/P-LoK/Lucas Oils/Yamaha young gun Jacob Marsack. The live wire announcers gave a shout out to #337 Jacob Marsack and cheered him on to the main event. During semi race two, Marsack must of felt that love coming from above. The #337 YZ450F, with the help of the high powered Barnett Clutch, stormed out of the gate into second position. Jake stayed on the gas full throttle crossing the finish line in second place behind Michael Byrne. The effort earned him the Barnett Clutch performances and Wonder Warthog Racing/DeCal Works Most Improved Privateer of the Week Award!!!

If racing were only horse shoes and hand grenades, Jiri Dostal would be batting a thousand. But in the case of Supercross, close enough does not cut the mustard, get you the bacon, find the- well you get the point! Close enough has you reeling in the stands thinking about next weekend race. And once again the last lap of semi one found "Blazing" Jiri Dostal fully dialed in on the final transfer spot. Heading into the last lap of turn two, Dostal made a costly mistake- capitalizing Kyle "Lucky" Lewis grabbed the opening for a pass. The two battled back and fourth but in the end, Lewis took the checkered and the final transfer spot.

The start of semi two, Clark Stiles feverishly raced into turn one toward the front of the pack. Erick Vallejo from Team Tamer grabbed the hole shot, but was unable to keep the bike on two wheels. This mistake allowed Stiles to maneuver around him unscathed, into first position. The Michelins and Stiles then went hard at work gripping the muddy track beautifully to a second place finish, only 1.5 seconds behind Tyler Evans. The main event conditions may have been wet, but that certainly didn't dampen Team SoCal Racing's spirits as Stiles and Marsack snatched 12th and 13th position in the main event!