The Tough One Enduro

January 23, 2006 8:19am

Jarvis Take Strong 4th Position at The Tough One
21st January 2006

Reigning British Trials Champion originating from Folkestone, Kent, Graham Jarvis tried his skills at a new sport at the weekend. Jarvis who was competing on board the Sherco 4.5i Enduro bike took an outstanding 4th place in only his second Enduro event. The event aptly named 'The Tough One' sponsored by KTM really tested the ability of the 30 riders entered including that of Jarvis.

Up against the likes of current World Enduro Champion David Knight and former World Enduro Champion Paul Edmondson, plus no less than eight top ten British Enduro riders Jarvis certainly had his work cut out over the physical course set out by Steve Ireland and his crew at WOR.

The course, which was set in Nantmawr Quarry near Oswestry, North Wales was technical, tough and physical. Jarvis who competed in his first Enduro event on New Year's day was nervous on the day of the Tough One and was unsure about what lay ahead.

Starting at 4pm, and facing a two hour long challenge the riders not only had to tackle the fierce course in daylight but also in the dark. After the first set of obstacles, four large tree trunks Jarvis was lying down in 13th place, but knowing he had another two hours the quiet lad from Harrogate, N Yorks used his head and bided his time.

Lap by lap Jarvis was making progress through the field and was gradually beginning to pass riders and cut his way through the group. After the two hour time limit Jarvis had completed 16 laps of the gruelling course and was delighted with his overall position commenting 'That was certainly different to any trials event that I have ever competed in. It was very challenging and I'm still relatively new to the sport of Enduro and still learning how it all works. There were a few occasions where I got stuck on a couple of obstacles, where on a trials bike it is easy to manoeuvre the bike as they are so light the Enduro bike takes a little bit more time and a lot more energy. Sherco are only in their second full year of producing and Enduro bike and we didn't know what the outcome would be up against the likes of KTM, Honda and Yamaha but I don't think we did a bad job. I'd like to thank everyone over the last couple of weeks who have helped me prepare my bike and me to enable me to be ready for the event.'

Results – Premier class

1 David Knight (KTM) 17 laps;
2 Wayne Braybrook (Honda) 16 laps;
3 Euan McConnell (TM) 16 laps;
4 Graham Jarvis (Sherco) 16 laps;
5 Ed Jones (KTM) 15 laps;
6 Juan Knight (Gas Gas) 15 laps;
7 Jason Thomas (KTM) 15 laps;
8 Mark Jackson (KTM) 14 laps;
9 Daryl Bolter (Husqvarna) 14;
10 Tom Sagar (Honda) 14 laps;