Sorby leaves Rolcom Racing

January 12, 2006 6:24am

Its official; Eric Sorby leaves Rolcom Racing for Motorsport Outlet this move is a supportive move from Rolcom Racing. Said Ryan T, Team Owner: "This move is exactly what we wanted for Sorby, his talents deserve it.  At Rolcom Racing our vision was just to have the opportunity to work and learn from Sorby, in fact we have grown a great deal because of him!

"As a personal friend I [Ryan T] think I was more excited than he when the offer was presented, I smiled and shook his hand and wished him the best the opportunity was to good."

We look forward to watching and supporting Eric Sorby on his new venture; we will always support him and wish him the best of luck! We have a lot of respect for Motosport Outlet and we envy their program and staff - Best of Luck to the Team!