Team SoCal Racing/P-LoK/Lucas Oils/Yamaha represents for Yamaha and sponsors at A1

January 10, 2006 6:26am

January 7, 2006-Anaheim, California: The arena was pure electricity as a sold out venue waited with great anticipation for the start of A1! Team SoCal Racing/P-LoK/Lucas Oils/Yamaha's countless months of preparation would take center stage for the unveiling of the new YZ450 from Yamaha. The team easily blasted through the qualifiers as Brian Mason, Jacob Marsack, Clark Stiles and Jiri Dostal all made it into the night program! The night show produced some incredible races as the action was non-stop. In semi two, Jiri Dostal just missed a transfer spot in sixth position behind Mike Brown. In the LCQ, both Stiles and Dostal displayed some incredible gut check racing.

This weeks Barnett Clutch performance goes to Stiles and Dostal. Midway through the start of the LCQ it looked rather bleak for Team SoCal Racing/P-LoK/Lucas Oils/Yamaha. Clark Stiles was one position out of qualifying trying desperately to chase down Tyler Evans. Meanwhile, Dostal had gotten railed by Reynard, placing him back in fifth place. However, fortune changed on lap four as Stiles made up nearly four seconds on Tyler Evans. This effort paid off huge for "The Alabama Slama" as he passed Evans, a lead he would not relinquish. Stiles took the checkered flag, earning him a spot into the main event! Stiles was done, but Dostal was not as he had some unfinished business to settle. During the live wire webcast the announcers had practically assigned Reynard the Racer X Gas Card. However, Dostal had other plans in store. In the final lap, Dostal came flying around the last turn and out of nowhere passed Reynard earning The Racer X Gas Card and a little redemption!

In the main event, Stiles ran a solid twelve lap pace and gained time on McGrath, while putting a four-second gap in front of Brown. On lap
thirteen, Stiles over committed in turn one and would get fully acquainted with the Anaheim dirt. Stiles would get back up and finish the main event in 17th place!

Team SoCal Racing/P-LoK/Lucas Oils/Yamaha riders wanted to ensure that a special thanks goes out to Will Decker and the crew at Enzo ,as well as Doug at Dubach Racing Development. Thank you for getting our Yamis fully dialed and ready for Anaheim 1! Also, a big thanks to Raymond and the Michelin crew for taking such great care of us. Last, the team wants to thank Ron Joynt, Janeen Joynt and the entire crew at DeCal Works for all their hard work. The team looked great at A1 and owe it all to SoCal Racing and DeCal Works! Don't you love those graphics and new gear for '06.

Thank you to all of the sponsors that made Anaheim 1 a success:
SoCal Racing/ Synergy Racing Technologies/ Lucas Oil Inc./ Yamaha Motor Corp./ Interlakes Sport Center/ P-LoK/ Shoei/ Glaceau Vitamin Water/ Polisport Plastics /Dubach Racing Development /Sidi Boots /SDG U.S.A/Vortex /R.K. Chains/ ProWheel Racing Components/ Tri-Star Racing/ Decal Works/ Dragon Optical/ Tek Bolt/ Hot Rods/ Hot Cams/ Pivot Works/ Stomp Design/ FUEL Clothing/ Enzo Suspension/ Barnett Clutches & Cables/ Engine
Ice/ ProClean 1000/ Michelin/ ICW Stands/ IMS Products/ KN Filters/ Vertex Pistons/ Renthal/ Park Tool U.S.A./ Kicker Car Audio/ RB Components/ Evol Nutrition/ Galfer Brakes U.S.A/ SFB Racing/ Wonder Warthog Racing/ Krause Construction / Images In Motion