Racer X Illustrated

October 2012

In our October 2012 issue of Racer X Illustrated, we've asked some of the best riding coaches in the sport to discuss the fitness and technique of some of your favorite riders: Dungey, Alessi, Weimer, Baggett, Barcia, and Tomac. Grab your copy on stands now to see what they had to say. Also in the October issue, read about Matt Goerke and Bobby Kiniry's possible 1-2 historic finish, the Monster Energy Mammoth Mountain MX, and how Shoei helmets are made. These and more are featured in the October issue of RXI, and the digital edition is now available for only $9.98! Racer X Illustrated's October issue has been shipped to subscribers, is now available on Droids, iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touches.

    Some of best riding coaches in the sport discuss the fitness and technique— good and bad— of Dungey, Alessi, Weimer, Baggett, Barcia, and Tomac. Page 106.
    The Great White North has drawn American talent for years, but now, Americans Matt Goerke and Bobby Kiniry are on the verge of a historic 1-2 finish in the Land of Matthes. Page 118.
    The Pennsylvania-based Eleven10 Mods team is thriving in Lucas Oil Pro Motocross, despite—or maybe even because of—its often-chaotic existence. Page 126.
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    The Monster Energy Mammoth Mountain Motocross, held in the gorgeous mountains of Eastern California, has become a tradition to be proud of. Page 136.
    The Red Bull RedBud National is the showpiece event of Lucas Oil Pro Motocross—and the racing is only half the story. Here’s a look at the other half. Page 150.
    We visit Japan to scope out the local racing scene, enjoy some fantastic sake, and find out how Shoei’s premium helmets are made. Page 162.